Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The time I got to draw on black paper

Another reason I really enjoyed Messersmith's class was that rather than focus on how to properly draw the figure, it was more about how to use different materials to draw the figure. Before his class I had only really worked with charcoal, pencil, and ink for figure drawing. He used out student fees to get some black paper and instructed us to get some colored pencils. He also used red and green lights as a light source rather than just a regular bulb.

We did warm-ups drawing each other.

Maybe a 15-20 minute pose?

Yea I know I'm a slacker what with all these incomplete drawings. But like I said before, I have a problem focusing on one area rather than working the whole drawing. I think I have gotten better at it, because I at least consciously think of it now, but as you can see, I suffered from this all the way to my last semester in school. Still had fun though.


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