Wednesday, November 12, 2014

That other time I got to use oil pastels

Messersmith also used our student fees to buy us all oil-pastel sets. I have to say my last semester at school was one of the few times I didn't see my student fees just go to waste (because I didn't actually see anything come from me getting charged an additional $75 or whatever to take a class). Anyway, that is neither here nor there. Oil pastels were so much fun to work with. You can get a real painterly quality out of them, without the frustration of mixing and applying paints! All the mixing is done right on the paper, and just felt so much more active and involved than any time I have ever painted.

This one I remember not being incredibly happy with. Mostly because of my placement of the figure on the paper, and I wrestled a lot with some proportion. But I love the color in this one. I remember when I finally had enough of this drawing, I took the blue pastel, and started doing this scribbles near the crotch, and along the contour of the torso. However this act of frustration managed to warm up all the other colors I had put down, and really reminds me of flesh. Really fleshy flesh.

Here is another I was a little more happy with. However I didn't quite get that warmth of the flesh like in the last one. I remember he was using a neon green light on her back, hence the neon green on the sides. So much fun.

I can't remember if I decided to draw her face, or if Messersmith instructed us to do so because we were all glossing over the face in the full body drawings. Again, this one has some problems with proportion, and the eyes look terrible. However, I love the color. This time I used more of a green to make the darks rather than blue.

I managed to find my oil pastels from that class today going through all my stuff to find anything decent to shoot. Can't wait to use them again.


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