Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blue Mountains of Georgia

We got to spend some time in Ellijay, Georgia for Christmas this year. Unfortunately we should have stayed up there longer. Too many places to go walking around, and lots of opportunities to use the digital camera. Here are some pictures that I took throughout our time up there.


The creek you have to drive through to get to my Dad's cabin. Our car couldn't make it across.

Some trees that fell over due to a storm we supposed.

The sun started to shine on parts of the mountain during our walk. This little patch of sun was illuminating this tree ahead of us.

Once the sun was up, the lighting on the mountain was just unreal. I kept playing with the cameras settings to try to best capture it.


Lots of little rivers and waterfalls and such.

Like this one here.

That's pretty much it. I wish we could have stayed longer than just a day or so. Next time I want to bring my oil pastels, and spend at least a week. Imagine how much you could decompress!