Monday, April 11, 2011

Dog park and a portrait

Today I took our dog Snoopy to the dog park by my house. It's so fun to watch him get excited when he realizes where we are going. He leads the way from there. I did a few gestures of him taking a rest.

And I also started a portrait that my uncle requested.

Sorry about the bad photo quality. I'm being lazy and using my webcam.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Bonus Stew Beef!

Hey everyone I did a watercolor and pen of Jon Stewart as Glenn Beck again. I like this one a lot! Enough to share with all of you. Enjoy!


School work and a drawing of J-Stew

I think I have come to a point where I don't really like photography. So I suppose I apologize in advance. But this is for my Digital Photography class at school. Some potentials for my final portfolio dealie she wants us to turn in.

I like this one because once I printed it out I kept getting confused as to which side was up.

This is from when I was taking pictures of my TV. I dodged and burned the letters/around the letters so they pop more.

A building in downtown Ft. Lauderdale was reflecting onto another building and creating neat cast shadows from the palm trees in the area. I rather like this photo.

My patient cat waiting to go outside.

Anyone see Jon Stewart doing his Glenn Beck thing last night? Pretty funny. This doesn't look exactly like him but i like the careful facial subtleties I got in this one. I used my .005 millimeter pen the whole time.


Friday, April 1, 2011

More older work and a doodle of my professor

School and work has kept me kind of busy lately. Sorry everyone for the lack of updates and such. But today I bring you a doodle I did in class of my professor, and some more older work!

Took my time with the hatching and stuff. I like how this turned out. Sorry about the bad quality; I took the picture with my webcam.

This is from when I met a few friends at a park a month or so ago. There were a lot of dogs. This one in particular I did a few good quick gestures of. He was just so cool lookin'.

This is from a photo from when I went to Langerado in 2008. We were at the Beastie Boys set and Jon was running around with cups on his eyes in a terrible re-enactment of the Sabotage video. But it was still a lot of fun and I got this neat series of photos which I made into a neat sketch. I really want to do something big with this though.

This is from when we were waiting in line for Bonnaroo 2009. My friend Kat fell asleep in her car. I really like the circular frame this sketch takes on because I just felt like not drawing anything beyond those points.

I was following my cat Neko around one day and taking pictures and did a series of small sketches. This is one of them. I really like the vantage point. It's like he's trying to decide what to do next.

This is another one of my cat just relaxing on my bed. He loves to lay/sleep in that spot there.

Anyway that is about all for now! Hope you enjoyed these drawings.