Friday, April 8, 2011

School work and a drawing of J-Stew

I think I have come to a point where I don't really like photography. So I suppose I apologize in advance. But this is for my Digital Photography class at school. Some potentials for my final portfolio dealie she wants us to turn in.

I like this one because once I printed it out I kept getting confused as to which side was up.

This is from when I was taking pictures of my TV. I dodged and burned the letters/around the letters so they pop more.

A building in downtown Ft. Lauderdale was reflecting onto another building and creating neat cast shadows from the palm trees in the area. I rather like this photo.

My patient cat waiting to go outside.

Anyone see Jon Stewart doing his Glenn Beck thing last night? Pretty funny. This doesn't look exactly like him but i like the careful facial subtleties I got in this one. I used my .005 millimeter pen the whole time.



  1. Good stuff man. I love jon stewart

  2. That's a ridiculously thin pen.

  3. nice stuff!, i also like it, BTW great blog, following

  4. wow I actually really like them, you really have nack for something.

  5. @John - that was my thought.

  6. Nice! I reckon you'll do pretty well in your class. Following :)

  7. thank you. his name is neko and he is a very good boy.