Wednesday, November 12, 2014

And some paintings

So I don't do much painting, however there are only so many drawing classes you can take. I took two oil painting classes, one at FAU and one at FSU. The one at FAU was just terrible. Not only for the fact that I didn't get any good work out of that class, I just did not have a good time. Absolutely miserable. The oil painting class at FSU however was much more enjoyable. My instructor was Lilian Garcia-Roig. She was amazing. Another one of those encouraging people that pushed me forward despite my doubts. However, once again I didn't get anything really worth showing out of the class. I took another painting class at FSU with Judy Rushin. This time focusing more on acrylics. This class I really enjoyed. I got my first painting I am really proud of, and like to show people who are at all interested.

Basically what happened, was she taught us about acrylic transfers. So I got the bright idea to grab my sketch books, make tons of photo copies at various sizes, and transfer them to canvas using my acrylic medium. It was an experience going through my sketchbooks (which cover about 2010-2012). Seeing all my old sketches from when I was just trying to get out of the house. It was a way to combine things I felt were recurring in there (lots of faces). In a way I kind of consider this a self-portrait, even though my face is only half there on the top middle. When I look at it, I see myself during 2010-2012.  I also used ashes and tobacco from my cigarette ashtray that had been accumulating for months. Gross, but she said we had to use something other than "traditional art materials." The only thing I think it really adds to the painting is a bit of a grittiness to contrast the bright colors. I even got it in a student exhibit at First Friday during that semester. Because of that I had to come up with a title, so I just called it "Sheeiiit"

This one my friend from my old neighborhood wanted me to paint. Of course I am a huge procrastinator and took forever to get it this far. All I really want to do next is warm up all the blues on the mask.


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