Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Since we're on the life drawing subject

And also because the majority of stuff I took pictures of today were life drawing stuff I was/am happy with. These three are from my very last semester at FSU. When registering for that semester, I was very pleased to find a life drawing class I hadn't taken before, that also had open seats. The instructor was Mark Messersmith (click to go to his website). He is such an encouraging and patient person, and part of what made this last semester at school so great.

Anyway, these three are ink wash drawings. I guess you call them drawings. They were too long to be gestures because I believe they were 10-15 minutes a piece. So warmup?

A little messy, but it's kind of what I like about them. I have a hard time focusing on one spot rather than working the whole composition like I should. These ones however, I don't feel like I got caught up in one particular spot.

What say you?


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