Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Discussion 10: Political Art

In week 10 we looked at political art. Most of the artists we looked at came from or live in first world countries, so a lot of the issues they address just feel lost on me. However we did look at Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. I have heard of him before through stories on NPR and whatnot, however I never really looked at a lot of his art in great detail. I really enjoyed his Sunflower Seed installation piece. It consisted of hundreds of thousands of glass pieces shaped and painted to look like sunflower seeds. These faux-seeds are then scattered across the floor where viewers can observe and even walk on them. It really draws on the idea of the individual vs. the collective. Weiwei is constantly under scrutiny from the Chinese government as well and has been arrested multiple times (for his art). So basically of all the artists in the discussion, Weiwei really came across as the only artist that is actually being oppressed.

I am personally not into political art. There is something incredibly self-righteous about it to me. I try not to think or talk about politics mostly because it aggravates me. And it's not just the politicians. It's the people who blindly support any politician like they are the second coming of Christ. Anyway, here is my piece of political art doodling.

Darkseid is a fictional DC comic character created by the great Jack Kirby. Basically he is an interdimensional being who's motivation is to destroy life by solving the anti-life equation. So Darkseid and the Anti-life equation 2012!


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