Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Discussion 8: Collage

In week 8 we looked at Collage art. We looked at artists such as David Hockney and Larry Carlson. I was already familiar with David Hockney's photo collages. He did the album cover for the Talking Heads More Songs About Buildings and Food. His collages are made up of many small polaroid shots that are then stitched together to create his final image. Below is an example.

However I have always been more partial to his pool photo collages. (Below)

Larry Carlson's collages were more traditional in that he took a lot of imagery from text books and magazines and such. His collages really remind me a lot of landscape painting, and the idea of the sublime and recognizing how small you are in the face of god's majestic creation. Except I feel that he takes a more modern approach to this by taking god out of the equation and shifting the focus on the forces that have come to create and dictate how our world works. Also it's really psychedelic which is cool too.

I have done some collage before (a lot of which you can see in past posts on this blog--or even if you look at my cover image at the top). I did one recently for this class so I can have something to post that goes along with the discussion.

I really only like the top half of it most though.


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