Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Discussion 7: Performance Art

So this week we discussed performance art which for me, is either hilarious (if I don't take it seriously) or incredibly pretentious (if I do take it seriously). We looked at artists such as Chris Burden, and Janine Antonini. Chris Burden had a performance piece which he called Shoot which would be right at home with the MTV Jackass gang. Basically Burden invited people to watch him get shot in the arm by a guy with a rifle. Shocking. But kind of funny I think.

Janine Antonini is a performance artist that falls on the other end of my spectrum. Her Lick & Lather performance included two busts of herself: one made of chocolate and one made of soap. She washed herself with the soap and nourished herself with the chocolate. Of course as she did this her image on the bust was slowly faded and disfigured until unrecognizable as her.

I personally do not gravitate to performance artwork. However through interacting with certain people (when I'm feeling ballsy of course) I will sometimes try to mess with them. For example, whenever I am asked for change by a random person on the street, I always turn it around on them by asking for a cigarette. It totally changes the entire situation and puts them on the receiving end for that moment. More often then not they'll just say no then leave you alone, but you never know. You might get a free cigarette. I have no real proof of me doing this and I doubt this counts as performance, but it is what it is I suppose.


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