Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Modernism/Postmodernism and Chance

It has been a long time. Almost too long.

I am now living in Tallahassee and going to Florida State. The reason for the update is a class I am taking: Survey of Studio Art Practices. It's an online course which is pretty nice. We have to keep a blog with entries about the discussions and lectures we partake in. Week 1 (which was 2 weeks ago) we talked about modernism and postmodernism. One of the things that has always appealed to me out of these movements is the idea of chance. The idea that certain things are only possible under certain conditions in certain moments in time inspires me as an artist so to say.

Below I have some drawings that I worked/am working on based on the idea of chance, and my own stream-of-consciousness thinking while working on these drawings. I found these drawings/exercises very useful in loosening up and dusting the cobwebs of the mind.

What I did was make tea stains in my sketchbook by either spilling tea, or taking the tea bag and throwing it an the open page in my book to see what kind of pattern it made. After the staining and drying, I proceeded to take a pen and just fill in those stains with the first things that came into my mind. Doing this allowed me to get as close to working without any sort of filter as I could. No idea was off-limits to fill in these stains. Anyway, here is one I feel like I have worked into the ground.

This second one is another I started that I plan to fill in over a period of time.


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  1. Jason, these are really awesome! It's such a cool idea and really great execution of it. Also, I love post-modern literature so if you ever want recommendations just let me know!