Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Downtown Ft. Lauderdale

Greetings Everyone!

This summer is not going as I planned as far as putting stuff up here, and I apologize to all of those who care. But rest assured I have been doing some sketches and drawings. Nothing complete as I am mostly just trying to hone my skills. Practice is always something you can do.

Anyway, I went out with some friends the other night to Chili's and drew a couple of em.

This is my friend Chris while our friend Benny was saying something. I think I really captured his facial expression well.

This is my friend Benny while we were watching Adventure Time at his house. That show is off the chain!

And today I went downtown Ft. Lauderdale to kill some time before work. I walked to the park across from the Museum of Discovery and Science and sketched there for a bit. They have these satellite dish looking things that face eachother, and when you talk into one it bounces the sound to the other one so your friend standing at the other can hear your voice. It's pretty cool. I remember playing with them as a kid.

I was sitting with a 3/4 view behind it and tried to work on my implied lines rather than making a solid contour line.

I then moseyed over to the Museum of Discovery and Science where I sketched a pigeon. But I mostly just needed to sit in the shade where it was somewhat breezy. I kept sweating all over my blank pages.



  1. your realistic drawings are fantastic!

  2. Nice pictorial representation of your day :)

  3. i think my problem now is i need to think of a way to apply these sketches or this whole process to a finished piece. i might try to possibly do some drawings on tracing paper and maybe burn it into some wood with a wood burner and cut different shaped "canvases". i also am really interested in what tom wesselmen did with his line drawings; he made metal sculptures out of them so it was like you could physically pick up the drawing.