Thursday, March 3, 2011

School Work

Currently I am taking Applied Digital Photography at school. We are now wrapping up our abstract project and starting to segue into a project in which we explore our own artistic interests. I am especially excited for this because I can somehow incorporate drawing into them! So I did a test today: I took a photo of my television with a real slow shutter speed a few weeks ago while trying to think of a subject for my abstract project. So I printed it out today, and decided to try and trace all of the contour lines. So far I am REALLY liking the result. So here is a little peak at it before it is finished.

Sorry about the bad quality. I am too lazy to go to the scanner. That is just a portion of the photo. I plan on doing that to the whole thing.

Edit: Here's the whole thing just finished it.

I reaaaally like how this came out. More so than I like the original photo. The contour lines make everything pop!



  1. I really like what you have done too. Very nifty!

  2. Awesome work mate. Nice to see your creativity shining through. Keep this up, will be sure to check back soon!

  3. this is awesome!

    keep this up dude :)

  4. good work really cool pic that one .keep it up