Monday, February 28, 2011

Tattoo Design

My friend Kat asked me to design a Florida themed tattoo for her. She gave me a pretty good outline of what she is looking for and I just went from there. I came up with two different variations.

This first one is more in line with what she wants, with the text going down the east coast (which makes sense seeing as we are on the east coast). Here it is:

For the second variation, I decided to put the text on the left hand side lined up with the bottom of the heart. Also it helps to balance Florida's panhandle. With the text on the right (as in the first variation) I felt like it pulled too hard to the right. What do you all think?

Edit here is a third:

So which is it; 1, 2 or 3? Any and all feedback is appreciated!



  1. yea i think that's the one she's going to go with. i like that one a lot too.

  2. yeah number 3 would be my choice to.

  3. yeah the third one definitly is the one .